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Organising exhibitions in Middleton Hall since 1992

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Davan Exhibitions Ltd (Davex) co-ordinates exhibitions in Central Milton Keynes. They are staged in the massive - 1800m2 - Middleton Hall area in thecentre:mk.

There are two, 3-day shows per year, the first taking place during the third week of April, making it the best way to ‘spring’ into the new year. The second is in the first week of November, ideally placed to make the most of the upcoming seasonal celebrations (and the last time anyone can sell in Middleton Hall before the Centre’s own Christmas exhibition).

Creation: The Crafts, Art & Gift Exhibition

Now in its 18th successful year, Lifestyle: The Interiors & Exteriors Show is a four-day event which takes place from Thursday to Sunday. It is staged in February and October every year which is ideal to access the Spring and Christmas markets respectively. Whether it’s new furniture for the seasonal family influx or a new look for the new year, practical products for bathroom or kitchen or some personal indulgence, such as a new hi-fi, everyone becomes a potential customer at Lifestyle.

Lifestyle: The Interiors & Exteriors Show


It’s THE regional shopping centre between Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham and London and just 10 minutes from J13 / 14 of the M1 motorway. With around 27million visitors per annum, 69% of customers are ABC1, have higher incomes than the national average and 33% are aged between 35 and 54 years. We currently stage four exhibitions every year and we’d be pleased to see you there.

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LIFESTYLE: THE INTERIORS & EXTERIORS SHOW... CREATION: THE CRAFTS, ART & GIFT EXHIBITION...Four fantastic shows every year. For further details complete the form on the 'enquiries' page or email direct on